C Saved Program: ferrous-city

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Here's the online compiler accompanied with IDE at your service. This is a saved code by one of our users. Try it out or save your own from the IDE page and don't forget to leave a feedback. You can find that at the bottom of the page.

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
	// your code goes here. Come on. You can change the whole world with a few lines of code
	printf("This is the online C/C++ compiler");
	char userInput[10];
  printf("Welcome to the bluetooth test code\n");
  while(strcmp(userInput, "Q") != 0)
	  printf("Menu of Commands:/nS: Send a character\nCR: Send carriage return\nR: Read buffer\n");
	  scanf("Please enter your command: %s\n", userInput);
	  if(strcmp(userInput, "S")){
		  //send a byte 
		  printf("Please enter character to send: ");
		  scanf("%s\n", userInput);
	  else if(strcmp(userInput, "CR")){
		  printf("You chose to send a carriage return\n");
		  //send Carriage Return
	  else if(strcmp(userInput, "R")){
		  //read buffer
		  printf("You chose to read buffer\n");
		  printf("Invalid option\n");
	return 0;


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